FAQ's about Pampas Grass!

What is Pampas Grass? 

a.k.a. Cortaderia Selloana, is a stunning ornamental grass that's native to South America. It can reach 4 metres in height and boasts beautiful ethereal feather-like plumes.  Dried pampas grass is what we're all about at Calabasas, when pampas grass has been cut, dried and treated it makes the most stunning focal point of any room in the house.

Pampas Grass Farmer cutting Pampas Grass

How long does Pampas Grass last? 

Pampas Grass can last anything up to 5 years.  Your dried fluffy pampas grass needs minimal intervention, but if treated and handled with care you can maximise the life of these gorgeous plumes.  See our after care page for more tips.

How do I care for my Pampas Grass? 

On receiving your pampas grass please be extra careful removing it from the packaging. Fluff the dried pampas by gently shaking outside & rolling between the palms to release any excess plume shedding.  

If we're lucky enough to be having some sun, then get it out in the sun for an hour - this will naturally fluff it up!

If not, then grab a hair dryer and gently blow dry the pampas on a low setting for extra volume. Natural pampas grass will thrive if kept away from any heat sources such as direct sunlight (after initial fluffing!) or a radiator. 

Over a few days you will see if getting fluffier!

Give your pampas a gentle shake outside every few months to get rid of any dust that has built up.

Can the stems be trimmed easily?

Pampas grass can be cut (carefully!) to any length to suit your vase or arrangement.

Pampas Grass held against brick wall

Will my Pampas look exactly the same as on the website? 

Pampas grass is a natural product & so no two are ever the same. The colour, size & shape of each bloom may vary but this in itself is part of its appeal. 

Is the Pampas Grass dyed? 

Many of our pampas grasses are completely au natural, but some coloured pampas grass is dyed, to achieve your perfect look. The black pampas grass or the pink pampas grass for example is coloured using natural dyes.  The natural dye can transfer onto soft furnishings & clothing, so caution is always advised. 

Black pampas grass in vase

How can I minimise any shedding? 

Pampas grass is a natural product & those swinging plumes are delicate, so please try to handle as little as possible!  It is normal for some shedding to take place, but once you have styled the plumes, a generous misting of hairspray or floral sealant/protectant spray can be applied.  

Do I need to water my Pampas Grass at all? 

This is the good part... The feathery pampas plumes require no water at all as it's already been dried. No looking after, no maintenance!  Perfect for those (including us) who aren't the best at keeping indoor plants alive!

What’s the best way to style my Pampas?

Pampas grass can stay string-tied in a vase, arranged singly or cut to different lengths…it doesn’t need any extra bells and whistles… pampas grass adds an element of comfort, luxury and relaxation to any space.

Smaller strands can also be removed from the base of the pampas to use in smaller arrangements… (just be sure to do so before spraying).

Pampas grass and bunny tails styled in vase on fireplace

And finally....

Will people think I'm a swinger?!?!

Guys... the whole pampas grass / swinger thing it just an urban myth.  If you want to be really really safe - just don't plant it in your front garden - simples!! And if you love a bit of swinging, we'll send you seeds to throw about :-)

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