Pampas Grass has swung back into fashion!

Pampas Grass is back with a bang, and we're here for it!!!

The 70's gave us so many trends from tie-dye to bellbottoms and high-waisted jeans all of which still stand today, but did you know that Pampas Grass is another one?!

Vintage 70s fashion afro woman with sunglasses driving


Pampas Grass was a massive home décor trend in the 70's. Rumour has it that the trend dyed out due to connotations with swingers! Stay with us people...

The legend states that if you had a pampas bush in your front garden, it was a signal to other swingers that you were up for it! It avoided any awkward convos, all the guests just knew it was ON!

We can't be sure if there is any truth to the story (if anyone does have any real facts, please get in touch, we're intrigued to know more!).

But suffice to say, Pampas Grass in the home is a very different kettle of fish - it's just home décor people!!

Pampas Grass is now in huge demand from a new generation who aren't concerned about it's previous history! From insta influencers, to wedding planners to interior designers, to just regular people like you and I! It's sustainable and low-maintenance, it's pretty and unique. 

The dried plumes can be re-used and if properly maintained, they last for many years.  They also evoke feelings of luxe, comfort and relaxation. It brings the outside in and we LOVE the trend revival! Long may it stay!

...Just for the record, we don’t have any pampas grass in our front garden :-)

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